Head of Finance

BLG's Head of Finance services supply financial specialists who manage a diverse range of activities tailored to your specific business requirements. Their duties may encompass overseeing administrative, financial, and risk-management operations, managing accounting and finance departments, directing human resources teams, and handling special projects.

Our experienced team have become an integral part of our clients’ strategic planning and execution

We scrutinise your company's financial situation, devise long-term strategies and set ambitious yet attainable goals, establish systems for monitoring your KPIs and managing cash flows, create effective policies and procedures, and recruit and train staff.

Additionally, we offer guidance in conjunction with our Advisory team on special projects, such as capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, accounting system revamps, external audits, and restructuring.

We tailor our service to match your specific requirements and can provide:

Implementation / review of accounting systems, procedures and controls
Preparation of detailed financial projections
Securing funding with financial institutions / investors
Manage ongoing banking / investor / auditor relationships
Dealing with ad hoc / special project / tax issues
Recruitment and training of staff
Attendance at management and board meetings
Strategic and commercial advice